Guitar Course

Hobby Course

Duration: Monthly


1. Introduction, Basic scales & Chords
2. Song wise preparation

Professional Course

1. Basic Level (Duration: 3 Months)
I. Introduction to the Accoustic Guitar
II. Fundamentals of western Music/ Warm-ups
III. Basic Scales and Chords
IV. Few Tunes and Songs

2. Pre Advance Level (Duration: 3 Months)
I. Advance Concepts
II. Advance Scals and Chords
III. Lead Playing on different scals

3. Pro Advance Level (Duration: 6 Months)
I. Introduction to the Electric Guitar | Unit
II. Reading Music | Staff Music
III. Jamming with live band
IV. Solo Guitar | Keyboard Playing

4. Professional Level (Duration: 12 Months)
I. Techniques to use distortion | unit
II. Analyzing and playing popular Rock | Pop Music
III. Jamming with live band
IV. Composition | Programming Techniques
V. Studio Recording Techniques

Loud Features

I. Study Material     

    II. Jamming Sessions    

III. Performance Every Month

IV. Opportunity to join jamming session with famous composers

V. Studio Recording

VI. Professional faculty from Music Industries

VII. Opportunity to form a professional band

VIII. Stage Shows

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